Hiring help for your dental practice
shouldn’t feel like pulling teeth

Instantly hire from our vetted talent pool. Get year-round retention support. Save ~30% Vs hiring in person.

Featured Dental Experts

As an Executive Assistant, they will provide high-level administrative support to executives, senior management, or other high-ranking personnel within your organization.

Every office has those pesky tasks lurking. Take some burden off your plate and allow your team members to handle miscellaneous office tasks, bill pay, data entry, and digital filing, and improve overall organization.

We find you a qualified virtual team member to handle all remote-capable duties pertaining to your front desk and customer service needs. All of the duties will be done seamlessly without daily in-office interruptions.

A professional who handles the billing and coding processes for healthcare providers remotely. Their primary responsibility is to ensure accurate and timely submission of medical claims to insurance companies and other payers on behalf of healthcare providers.

Many practices lack a scribe. This is for multiple reasons: lack of space, too taxing on your already over-booked office staff, too confusing to implement or doctors think they can do it all. Investing in a team member to chart important notes during exams frees you up to focus on your patient’s needs.

The pricing above represents full-time team members (32-40+ hours/week). For 20-30 hours/week, add $2/hour to all prices.

A role launch fee of $2000 applies per position filled.

Hiring Dental Specialized Team Members From Unbottleneck


Consider Your Needs.

  • Every dental practice has duties that could be done remotely.
  • Identify where the biggest bottleneck is in your organization.
  • Reach out to schedule a free consultation with a remote industry expert.


Hop on a discovery call.

  • Discuss areas you know you need support.
  • Get a personalized professional evaluation.
  • Discover the ideal fit for your organization.


We find your perfect team member.

  • We match your needs to one or more of our specialized remote roles.
  • Our team hand-picks candidates based on your requirements.
  • We shortlist 2-4 of the top-qualified candidates for you to meet.


Meet your candidates.

  • Review our shortlist packet and intro videos before the interview.
  • We schedule and host an interview between you and the candidates
  • Review and sign the hiring agreement.


You manage, we support.

  • Join our hosted onboarding session with your new team member.
  • Manage and oversee the team members’ work.
  • Enjoy ongoing support from our dedicated customer success team.
  • Experience easy payment as you pay us monthly, and we pay them.
  • Relax knowing we guarantee the quality and performance of our team members, and will replace them at no additional cost if necessary. Conditions may apply.