How It Works

Hiring Team Members From Unbottleneck


Consider Your Needs.

  • Every business has duties that could be done remotely.
  • Identify where the biggest bottleneck is in your organization.
  • Reach out to schedule a free consultation with a Remote Expert.


Hop on a discovery call.

  • Discuss areas you know you need support.
  • Get a personalized professional evaluation.
  • Discover the ideal fit for your organization.


We find your perfect team member.

  • We match your needs to one or more of our specialized remote roles.
  • Our team hand-picks candidates based on your requirements.
  • We shortlist 2-4 of the top-qualified candidates for you to meet.


Meet your candidates.

  • Review our shortlist packet and intro videos before the interview.
  • We schedule and host an interview between you and the candidates
  • Review and sign the hiring agreement.


You manage, we support.

  • Join our hosted onboarding session with your new team member.
  • Manage and oversee the team members’ work.
  • Enjoy ongoing support from our dedicated customer success team.
  • Experience easy payment as you pay us monthly, and we pay them.
  • Relax knowing we guarantee the quality and performance of our team members, and will replace them at no additional cost if necessary. Conditions may apply.

We do not provide trials for our services. We respect the time of our team members as well as yours. We believe that professional collaborations thrive with individuals dedicated to both hiring and getting hired. Our team diligently manages the tasks of sourcing, assessing, interviewing, and selecting team members tailored to your requirements.

Our hiring process is very simple and involves a 5 step process.

  1. Identify what you need help with and feel ready to delegate.
  2. Jump on a discovery call with our team.
  3. Our team then hand-picks candidates based on your requirements.
  4. We schedule and host an interview between you and the candidates
  5. Sign contracts and join our hosted onboarding session with your new team member.

Our thorough screening process ensures that the right individuals with the right skills and attributes are selected to be part of your remote team. Through a comprehensive vetting process, we identify who can contribute positively to your organization’s success while thriving in a virtual work environment.

The amount varies based on your team member’s skills, years of experience, past work experience, and how many hours you wish to commit to. 

We handle all the payments for you. You pay us when you receive your invoice at the beginning of the month.

No. When working with a virtual team member from Unbottleneck, you are enlisting the services of our company (a U.S.-based entity), rather than directly employing the team member. Similar to any standard service arrangement, there are no tax obligations. Unbottleneck takes care of all the necessary administrative tasks involved in hiring our team members as independent contractors located outside the U.S.

Unbottleneck offers all clients a quality assurance and performance guarantee. If a team member is not performing at their highest quality or failing to meet the requirements of the job, we will replace them for you at no additional cost. Conditions may apply.

Either you or an employee from your business will be responsible for training your virtual team member. Similar to the process of hiring a traditional employee, your team member will require your training and onboarding to seamlessly integrate into your team. Should you require assistance or any other support, feel free to reach out to the Unbottleneck management team.