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Virtual Admin Assistant

An administrative assistant plays a crucial role in maintaining the smooth operations of an organization. This involves managing various tasks to ensure efficient functioning and effective communication within the organization.

$15/hr – $18/hr

Virtual Receptionist

A receptionist serves as the front-line representative and first point of contact for an organization. Receptionists are essential for maintaining a welcoming atmosphere and ensuring smooth communication within the organization.

$15/hr – $18/hr

Executive Assistant

An executive assistant is a key member of an organization who provides high-level administrative support to executives, senior managers, or business leaders. Their role is pivotal in enabling executives to focus on strategic decision-making.

$15/hr – $20/hr

Project Manager

A project manager is a professional responsible for planning, executing, and overseeing projects from inception to completion. Their role encompasses a wide range of skills and tasks aimed at achieving project goals within scope, budget, and timeline constraints.

$30/hr – $50/hr

Business Analyst

A business analyst is a professional who bridges the gap between business goals and technology solutions within an organization. Their role involves analyzing processes, systems, and data to identify opportunities for improvement and to guide strategic decision-making.

$30/hr – $50/hr


A developer is a professional who designs, creates, tests and maintains software applications, websites, or other digital solutions. Developers play a pivotal role in translating ideas and requirements into functional and user-friendly products, utilizing programming languages, tools, and technologies.

$40/hr – $70/hr

The pricing shown above represents full-time team members (32-40+ hours/week). For 20-30 hours/week, add $2/hour to all prices.
A role launch fee of $2000 applies per position filled.

Hiring Tech-Savvy Team Members From Unbottleneck


Consider Your Needs.

  • Every business has duties that could be done remotely.
  • Identify where the biggest bottleneck is in your organization.
  • Reach out to schedule a free consultation with a remote industry expert.


Hop on a discovery call.

  • Discuss areas you know you need support.
  • Get a personalized professional evaluation.
  • Discover the ideal fit for your organization.


We find your perfect team member.

  • We match your needs to one or more of our specialized remote roles.
  • Our team hand-picks candidates based on your requirements.
  • We shortlist 2-4 of the top-qualified candidates for you to meet.


Meet your candidates.

  • Review our shortlist packet and intro videos before the interview.
  • We schedule and host an interview between you and the candidates
  • Review and sign the hiring agreement.


You manage, we support.

  • Join our hosted onboarding session with your new team member.
  • Manage and oversee the team members’ work.
  • Enjoy ongoing support from our dedicated customer success team.
  • Experience easy payment as you pay us monthly, and we pay them.
  • Relax knowing we guarantee the quality and performance of our team members, and will replace them at no additional cost if necessary. Conditions may apply.

David Kent

Co-Founder of Unbottleneck

“Hiring can be risky, especially when you’re a small business. Most companies save the wrong dollar or shoot from the hip, costing critical time and resources. We reimagined sourcing to start with overqualified candidates so businesses can grow into their team member’s skillset rather than the other way around.”



Partner and COO

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